Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh to be 5!

Okay I have spent the last hour trying to figure out how to get the text under specific photos and can't seem to do it. So . . . all photos at top and explanation at bottom!

Saturday Miss Minli turned 5. She's been counting down the days for weeks. Friday night after she went to bed Ling and I built a quaint little princess tent in her room as a surprise. I had been planning it for several days. It turned out pretty cute. When we opened the door for her Saturday morning she turned to me and said "I love you!" She loved it for a little bit but it was quickly trumped by the guitar that Ling bought for her.

After we dropped Ling off for her Halloween card making class at the art gallery we went home to ice the birthday cupcakes. They turned out really cute but next time I make them I must remember to ice them once we get there. It was pretty comical with us trying to get them to the party upright in the car. Don't tell the party-goers but they tipped over more than once!

On the way to the party we had an interesting conversation in the car. Ling was telling me how she didn't like boys and how gross they were. I told her that she would probably change her mind some day. She asked me when that would be. I said probably when you're 14 or 15 or so. She said I don't think so. Minli chimed in and said "Oh I can't wait that long, I need one right now!" Look out boys!

After the birthday Ling got to go to a cooking class with other Chinese girls in the city. They made moon cakes, Chinese coleslaw and lettuce wraps. They didn't let the moms stay for the class but I did get to try some of their food when I picked her up and it was yummy.

Then we were off to pick out our gifts (Ling's birthday gift too) from Honey. And now we have these two new additions to the family -- Cookie & Caramel. They are really sweet. The dogs have yet to see them. I'm hoping to keep it that way.

On Sunday we had family birthdays. Minli got this darling puppet from Mema and Jetta but she was scared to death of it so Amy Jo got the play time with the puppet at the party. I'm hoping she learns to love it because it's so cute.

Normally the kids get an elaborately decorated birthday cake from Jetta but Minli's wish this year for her birthday was chicken enchiladas and pound cake with butter sauce. So Honey made this darling bee pound cake.

That night we celebrated at my sister's house. Then we were tired!!!

I snapped this photo of Ling swinging and I just love it. Such a sweet smile.


JenX67 said...

These picture are glorious! Those cones look so awesome. See - I would have been too much of a wreck from them tipping over, I would have completely missed the boy conversation. You have such a beautiful family. And, I'm never going to stop wanting a canopy. (Your daughter's bed.)

To get captions under pictures, I'd click "edit HTML" although I just do it in the compose feature. I have given up on posting pictures left or right. I always do them center b/c it's a nightmare otherwise. Blogger has some kinks to work out - or I do. YOu can easily delete photos and end up with too many returns. I have no idea why!!

Thanks for your comment about my latest post. The other day at Juliette's volleyball game another mother we've known for years said, "Wow. Juliette looks like your husband now and your son looks like your ex. How weird is that?" PEOPLE CAN BE SO CLUELESS!!

Emily said...

Wow! You guys have been busy having fun! It all looks wonderful. Love the canopy! What did Ling think of the cooking class? Does she still have her Chef Ling apron? For the record - I don't think I stopped thinking boys were gross until 16 or 17.

What have you got planned for your birthday? Canopy? Cupcakes? Guinea Pigs?

Sergio said...

It looks like Minli had a great birthday. I love the beehive cake.

JenX67 said...

Did you submit your blog to Jean Warner's site? She wants to connect with all Oklahoma women bloggers. She's a political activist. Her husband is Larkin Warner, the locally famous economist. I think she'd love to feature your blog.

JW said...

Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful blog - and your beautiful famiily - to my attention!

Tyler said...

mom!! I didn't say "I don't think so" you made that up! I said something like that!!!