Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Minli has had quite the way with words lately. The other day we were in the car and Ling and I were talking about the fact that my sister was quite the gymnast when she was a young girl. Ling asked me if there was anything I did when I was young that my sister didn't do. I told her that I had taken piano lessons and that Amber hadn't. Then she said "that is so cool because I take piano AND gymnastics so I can be good at both things." With a moments hesitation Minli says "what am I, chopped wiver (liver)?"

The next day on the way to school I asked Minli if it would be okay if I just drove up and dropped her off to walk up to the door. Her response was "I'm really not comfortable with that." Remember she's 4!!

Tonight she brought me a book of "God's Promises" and said "here mom this is a book about toast (lactose) intolerance."

She's a trip, that girl is!

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