Monday, September 15, 2008

Disney on Ice and the Great State Fair

Last Friday night the girls and I went to High School Musical on Ice at the State Fair. We arrived about 90 minutes early so that they could experience a little bit of the Fair. I have such great memories of the Fair, the food, the people watching, the games. So first up they wanted to ride the ferris wheel. We went and bought $20 worth of ride tickets. That got us 30 tickets. Well the ferris wheel cost 5 tickets each. Now that's $10 for one ride people! That should have been my first clue to how the evening was going to go for me. So we spent the rest of our tickets on two more rides and that was it. Before we went into the show Minli wanted something to eat. So for $6 we got a corndog and french fries. After we got our tickets Ling wanted to buy a program. It was $20!! We don't own a program. Next up was refreshments inside the arena. For a mear $12 you can have your own High School Musical snow cone OR for the same $12 you can have a bag of cotton candy. Yes, you read that right. All this doesn't include the price of the tickets which were about $25 each. It was, however, a great show and the girls loved it. And I must say that I don't ever remember the fair being so clean. And I actually saw a lot of people that looked just like me!

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