Monday, September 29, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

The definition of sibling rivalry is antagonism between brothers and/or sisters that results in physical fighting, verbal hostility, teasing or bullying. Psychologists believe that sibling rivalry comes from competition for parental attention, love, and approval.

We've got sibling rivalry all over the place at our house. The kids have it -- even the dogs have it! I've been seriously considering trying to get in shape and lose a significant amount of weight. But I'm afraid that there truly will not be enough of me to go around. Good excuse, huh?!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the rivalry. And I'm not ready to accept everyone's "that's just normal kids stuff" response. I truly believe that the ability lies within each of us to live together, love, share, compromise and have healthy, happy relationships. At whatever age we find ourselves and in every situation. That is my goal for our family.

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JenX67 said...

Great goal. I deal with it, and I wasn't prepared for it, and maybe nothing has cut me deeper in my parenting journey than children who rival. As one of four kids, rivalry defined relationships - ruined some. Like you, I definitely think it can be resolved, but takes so much focus - beyond getting baths, cooking dinner, etc. And, yes - you were there a decade ago. I am healed but continue to learn from that time and as time goes on, God reveals more and more truth to me. I always remember your kindness to me during that time, and still have the card you sent me. Your daughters are just gorgeous. Really. I'm home now - working from home. Is that what you're doing?