Monday, September 15, 2008


Saturday amidst all our other activities I had the opportunity to meet three friends from elementary school for lunch. One I see often, the others I haven't seen in years. It's one of those odd occasions when after you catch up on each other's families there isn't much else to talk about. I guess if you had more time you could get involved but it seems futile in a couple of hours to span all those years of lost time. It sure was fun though to do a little reminiscing about those fun days so long ago. We lived in a fairly small town where everyone knew everyone -- and knew everyone's business. It's fascinating to me to realize how intertwined in their lives I was back then and then we all went our separate ways. But somehow life had a way of making our paths cross again. It's a bit of the same feeling I get when I think about the fact that there are people in this world that I will never, in my entire life, meet. They will live their life and I will live mine -- completely separate. There is something about that which really bothers me. So many interesting people that I won't ever have the chance to know. Sad, isn't it?

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Stefunkc said...

I had this feeling yesterday at a Wal-Mart on I-240. All those people lived in the same town as me but led completely different lives, different schools, churches, stores. So odd to think about.